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The good weather is already here with warm and energetic feelings, and We are pleased to present the latest collection full of optimism at Maison et Objet, betting for fresh and pleasant spaces.

It´s time for the Cool Summer

The Spanish artist Jaime Jurado brings a very colourful and summery proposal. His work “Alegría I & II“, made on treated wood, inspires us through such positive colours as fuchsia and yellow, which increase natural light, and combines them with turquoise blue providing a refreshing and invigorating effect.

Alegría I & II by Jaime Jurado.

To achieve a more elegant atmosphere, Jaime Jurado mixes Aegean blue with earth colours in his new triptych “Silueta“. The presence of blue is offset by white creating a chic bohemian and harmonious style that reminds us to the beautiful Spanish sunsets.

Silueta by Jaime Jurado.

Also, Jaime Jurado proposes for modern and cozy spaces an interesting composition “Cuerda I & II“, very minimalist but with a lot of personality and elegance.

Cuerda I & II by JAime JUrado.

Red; stylish and extravagant

Javier Torres, another of the most established painters of the Spanish firm, bases his collection on reds and oranges combined with black. Its aim is to create a refreshing and stylish effect, and at the same time sophisticated.

His works “Beginning” and “Kaleido” show the potential of red colours in decoration. Always associated with passion and strength, these artworks en hance any environment, giving it a captivating and unique personality.


Another interesting and surprising job of this artist are the paintigns “Lizard” or “Shades”, both made on wood. With the elegant contrast of colours is capable of achieving the ideal balance to fill a space.

Shades by Javier Torres.