Did you know that the touch of colour that a painting can provide to your home has the possibility to transform your life, your day to day or your mood? A painting has the power to give its own identity to a space, giving you the personality and charisma that you need in every moment of your life.

Imaginative character

Hot pink, bubble gum, magenta, mauve, fuchsia…individually or all together. If you want to be different, incorporate this colour into your living room, it will bring warmth and a fun touch to the room. This is how Lucía Lago expresses it in this preview of the new Spring 2021 Collection. All the feelings that pink transmits are good. This colour can enhance a room and filling it with good vibes, as well as being a highly creative colour.

Spontaneous personality

Or what we like to call them “surprise colours”; they are green, blue or yellow. These are colours that denote an extraordinary and enriching personality. Blue in all its variants fills any room with joy but, at the same time, transmits peace. A greenish blue tone inspired by nature, by the forest, fills any space with freshness. And yellow brighten expand and enliven spaces. Javier Torres has focused on these colours in his new collection for Novocuadro Art Company.

Inner calm

If what you would like is to find that refuge, that feeling of comfort and well-being you need then choose pieces whose central axis are white and beige, in short, natural tones. You will notice that the energy flows in both directions, you will find a more intimate and welcoming space in which to feel protected. J. Cebrián reflects his personal calm in the new collection.



We are sure that you didn´t know about the power that a painting can have on your mood. Now you just must decide what you need at this moment and choose the most suitable piece but, do not forget, as our artist and interior designer Jaime Jurado says; „It is essential that a painting always have its own space, and it breathes regardless of the decoration style of the space where it is located, it has to be well integrated and have an absolute presence“.