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Our History

We decided to reinvent the last trends when we began with this business, to name and give voice the artists, and transform each corner into a unique place.

Crazy about Art and the most exclusive decoration

NOVOCUADRO Art Companyentered into the decoration world because of our deep love about Art.

We count with a great team of artist and art advisors studying in a personalized way the projects and advising the clients about the most convenient pieces for your space, always with a big respect for your own style and trying to adapt to your needs.

Customizing each work

NOVOCUADRO Art Company has a team of artists, decorators, architects and interior designers who are responsible for turning each corner into a unique place.

The projects are studied in a personalized way, advising on which products are the most convenient for each space, always respecting their own style and adapting to their needs.