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NOVOCUADRO Art Company is a Spanish company based in Costa del Sol working in the global distribution of original art pieces, not only national but also worldwide. The company is a very deeply devoted to Art, and specially to unique art pieces.

Who we are

With more than 15 years in the art field, NOVOCUADRO Art Company owns an extense art collection of original pieces all of them capable to create different and special spaces or atmospheres.

Its modern, innovative and even sometimes cheeky designs have been selected with the goal to create unique environments with a deep personal style.

Nowadays, the company is leader and quality reference in the decoration field; offering a global service set on foundations as design, advising, distribution and benchmark of quality.

“The mirrors are used to see the face, the art to see the soul”

George Bernard Shaw

What we do

NOVOCUADRO Art Company not only supplies specialized decoration shops, it also works with arquitects, interiorists, and projects through the Contract Channel, at a national and international level, showing its deepest knowledge in the arts sector, including decoration and framing.

The company can only offer high quality products, being our main priority the good taste and the respect for unique pieces, we are engaged to take care of every single detail. They are in a permanent search of new artists, the latest techniques or decoration and art tendencies.